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About us

What We Are About

Shift Capital is a private equity firm operating for a very exclusive group of private investors. Our core philosophy is centered around the belief that true wealth is about much more than money. We help our investors achieve their ideal lifestyle through financial literacy, market knowledge, modern financial blueprinting and an exclusive private investment platform.

Wealth Building Education

A Financially Literate Person is Our Best Investor.

Living abundantly is not measured only by money but also includes other essentials in life which significantly contribute to your present worth. Educating oneself is the first step towards a path of living in True Abundance.


Wealth Blueprint

Security, Consistency and Predictability 

Through a unique blueprint that leverages modern financial vehicles and platforms, our investors are able to reach predetermined monetary objectives. Our unique platform empowers each investor with the necessary resources to make meaningful wealth-building decisions through a variety of tested wash rinse-and-repeat wealth blueprint strategies that take the guess work out of each step.


Wealth Building Opportunities

Unique Private Placement Platform.

Access to high yield private placement income funds not available to the general public, along with a stream of high yield syndicated opportunities provided both in house as well as through third party strategic alliances. Opportunities come in a variety of growth sectors in the form of high yield secure fixed income funds, to sector specific projects that include high velocity structured cash flow, along with opportunities for additional upside at exit.